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Technical Considerations


There are no apparent physical or technical constraints that would prevent development of the site from coming forward. The site is demonstrably deliverable for housing purposes and is suitable and available, and a range of technical surveys will be undertaken for the site and be reviewed to influence the detail of the scheme.

Pedestrian Path

Connectivity and Transport

The development is in a sustainable location, accessible on foot, by cycle and public transport.

Flood Risk

Significant works to the drainage network surrounding the site have reduced flood risk in the area. The development will also include provision of features such as attenuation basins to manage surface water. We have undertaken more detailed hydrological reviews and confirmed that the site is not impacted by flooding.

Fixing a Pipe
Barratt interior.jpg


The scheme has been designed to offer open spaces and planting to provide new and enhanced habitats for species. Full ecological surveys are underway and will inform the scheme as it develops. Every opportunity will be taken to enhance ecology on site and enhance existing habitats and create new ones.

Allocated Land Use

A new Local Plan for South Tyneside is being prepared which plans for development over the next 15 years.


The site is identified for redevelopment and draft Policy RG5 proposes a mixed use development, including approximately 245 homes with 2.1 hectares retained for employment uses.

Reviewing Construction Plans
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