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  • Is there sufficient capacity in the local schools and infrastructure to accommodate the development?
    As part of the planning process, the Council and their education team will assess the capacity of schools and, should a shortfall in capacity be identified, financial requirements would be required. Once this is clear, we will have a better understanding of any potential financial contributions required to mitigate the development. This may include a contribution towards: local facilities, such as schools, open space or play areas; affordable housing; or travel and transport improvements.
  • Is the local road network able to accommodate the development?
    Vehicular access is proposed off Cleadon Lane and will be designed in accordance with the required standards. A full Transport Assessment will be submitted as part of a future application and will set out any transport issues and required mitigation as part of the proposals, including network capacity.
  • Will any wildlife be affected by the development?
    Given the characteristics of the site, an ecological assessment will be undertaken to determine the value of the site and any mitigation required. Some green space will also be provided which will provide biodiversity benefits, in addition to any compensation to achieve a Net-Gain in Biodiversity where required.
  • When will I be able to see what the detailed design, including the proposed houses will look like?"
    As part of the full planning application, a detailed layout will be provided offering a more fixed development proposal. Drawings of each proposed house type will be provided as part of this. Following submission of this application, neighbouring residents will be notified of a consultation period lasting 21 days where feedback can be provided on more detailed design matters.
  • Can housing be developed on a site which is allocated for employment development?
    National planning policy is clear that policies and decisions should reflect the changes in the demand for land. The site has been allocated for employment use for a considerable period of time now and development of this nature has not come forward and marketing of the site has resulted in no genuine interest. The Council has a strong portfolio of employment land across the Borough but has recently failed the Government’s Housing Delivery Test. The site could therefore make a greater contribution to meeting the unmet housing need. It is considered that the site provides an exciting opportunity for an effective reuse of this previously developed land whilst providing new homes at a sustainable and highly accessible location.


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