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Site Context


The site is located at Cleadon Lane Industrial Estate, East Boldon and comprises approximately 6.25 hectares (15.5 acres) of previously developed land. ​ The site is in an accessible location with good links to existing services and facilities in both East Boldon and Cleadon, with convenient access to public transport:


  • Bus stops within on Cleadon Lane (to the east), Station Road (to the south) and Boldon Lane (to the north).

  • East Boldon Metro Station is located to the south within 300m of the site.

  • Each provide regular connections to destinations throughout the Tyne and Wear region.

The site is predominantly flat with few technical constraints. The site is bound:

  • To the north by perimeter fencing with some existing landscaping, beyond which are agricultural fields used for grazing;

  • To the east by Cleadon Lane, beyond which lie agricultural fields (used for grazing) which provide a separation between East Boldon and Cleadon;

  • To the south by remaining part of the industrial estate; Station Road (B1299) and East Boldon Metro Station; and

  • To the west by some low scale existing industrial units and the Tyne and Wear Metro railway line, beyond which lies existing residential development in East Boldon.

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